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We had an awesome time building a REAL-LIFE NINJAGO FLYER with LEGO for this video! #sponsored
Learn more about Ninjago:

Behind the Scenes:

The music we used was licensed from Musicbed's website. They have an awesome Membership program for music on social media! Here's the details:
The songs used are:
On The Mountain By The Sea - UTAH
Over My Head - ASHER
Finish Line - Joseph William Morgan
Future Hit - Louis ii
Beat Drop - Midnight Riot
In The Spirit - Generdyn

We also used another amazing Online Music Library from
The Songs we used from there are:
A True Master - Yi Nantiro
Drops Of Golden Sun - Yi Nantiro
Skilled In The Arts - Yi Nantiro
Xin Li And The Concubine - Christian Andersen
Japanese Garden - Magnus Ringblom

Directed and Written by Zane O'Gwin
Produced by Carter Hogan
Director of Photography: Jacob Schwarz
Edited by Zane O'Gwin using Adobe Premiere CC

Liam played by Spencer McConnell
Drake "bully" played by Bryton Myler

Color Correction by James Terry

Sound Design by Dan Pugsley. He is awesome to work with!

Real Life Spinner and Rain FX - Roundy Special Effects

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