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Colombo, Sri Lanka Food Tour w\ Tuk Tuk Safari von Itchy Feet on the Cheap   12 months ago


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We arrived in Sri Lanka hungry and a little overwhelmed by the food options, so we enlisted some help from Tuk Tuk Safari Sri Lanka and headed out on a food tour of Colombo.

Along with our guide, Captain Pumba, we set out in a tuk-tuk seeing the city and sampling amazing food along the way. This tour was the perfect way to start our 2 week vacation. We learned so much about the people, their country, and their incredibly delicious food.

Sri Lankan food is similar to Indian food, but they do have some of their own dishes. They love fruit, and cooking with fruit. Of course, seafood is everywhere in Sri Lanka. It’s fresh and majorly satisfying.

We couldn’t have done all of this without the help of Tuk Tuk Safari Sri Lanka. Check out their website and all their tours at

We are just getting started in Sri Lanka, so stay tuned for more adventures, food, and more.

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