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CALISTHENICS HOME GYM von TRvisuals   2 years ago


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I always wanted a home calisthenics gym so I searched YOUTUBE and found this awesome video

Thanks JULIO for your vid it inspired to build the gym you designed, and your exercises are awesome cheers bro!!

I'm not a barstarzz guy but I do love calisthenics, I think its more functional, fun and challenging. However I do still do old school weights and always will, but for now my personal goal is bar muscle ups and the human flag....... I'm not going to mention the P word!

Super excited to be doing calisthenics again, and to have this gym set in my front yard is so handy. I've got heaps of work to do to get where want to be, but no matter where you are at, as long as you improve from where YOU were yesterday, then its all good!