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🇱🇰 What is triggering communal violence in Sri Lanka? | Inside Story von Al Jazeera English   9 months ago


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A nationwide state of emergency's being enforced in Sri Lanka to prevent attacks on Muslims. Buddhist mobs set fire to homes and businesses killing a young muslim - the riots followed the death of a Sinhalese truck driver.

The unrest is a repeat of rioting four years ago and since then there's been rising tension between communities.

A varied mix of ethnicities and religions make their home on the island - where the 26-year long civil war ended in two thousand and nine.

What will it take to end the recurrent religious friction long-term?

Presenter: Richelle Carey


Thyagi Ruwanpathirana - Legal adviser & human rights actvist

Gehan Gunatilleke - Legal Director of Verite Research in Sri Lanka

Alan Keenan -Senior Analyst & Sri Lanka Project Director, International Crisis Group

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