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Hansa-Park Day One Vlog May 2019 von Theme Park Worldwide   5 months ago


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Join Shawn & Harry as we head to Hansa-Park in Germany for our first ever visit! In this action packed vlog we share our first reactions to this park including our full reviews from Schwur des Kärnan, Fluch von Novgorod and many more of the parks major rides.

We also ride the tallest and fastest gyro drop tower in the world that's new for 2019 at the park. Highlander stands at 394ft and provides fantastic views across Hansa-Park and the surrounding area. We also share off ride footage from many of the other rides at the park including one of the strangest flat rides we've ever experienced, an epic dodgems and much more!

Check out our day two vlog from Hansa-Park via the following link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Yhl7sxMc8I

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