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Taranaki Hangi July 2016 von Craig Bell   3 years ago


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In July 2016 we had a small family catch-up at which time we had a hangi. A hangi is the traditional Maori earth oven feast that is often had at special occasions, celebrations and large gatherings. This is only a very small hangi but the principles are the same no matter the size. Basically rocks are heated in a fire for several hours while the food is prepared and placed in a suitable basket. The hot rocks are then placed in a hole and the basket placed on top. Wet sacks, sheets or similar are placed over the basket and then dirt is piled on to trap in the steam and heat. After the food is cooked (which varies depending on how much food) you reverse the last few steps and you are good to go. There are different methods for preparing a hangi depending on where you live and who has taught you but the basic method is the same. Hangi food is delicious, it is a combination of roasting and steaming so is very moist. There is an unusual taste through the food from being cooked underground but it is by no means unpleasant. In fact, once you have tried hangi a couple of times there is no better meal. Hangi pork and mutton is some of the best eating you will ever do (and Kumera (sweet potato)). If you are ever visiting New Zealand make a point of trying a hangi meal. Even better would be to find someone that will let you be involved in the process!