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Personal electric flying "sports car" EVTOL - manned flight von Tomasz Patan   10 months ago


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This is our first milestone - on the way to personal electric flight available to everyone.
Jetson Speeder prototype made its first manned flight taking its pilot to the sky.
It turned out to be a fantastic experience that everyone should be able to try. Being able to move through the air so effortlessly without vibrations or noise - it just felt so great.
After months of careful planning, designing, programming and building we had this beautifully flying electric machine which was the first step leading to something even greater:
Bringing the personal electric flight to everyone.

Jetson Speeder prototype PAV(personal air vehicle) is powered by 8 powerful brushless electric motors and lithium batteries.
It is capable of lifting a passenger up to 100kg(220lbs) weight.
The flight time is 15 minutes.

We are looking for someone who shares our vision. That would like to be a part our mission and take our project further, higher and faster.

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