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Drunk Driver Hit and Run with Highspeed Chase von Just Another Guy   4 years ago


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*** For those who keep asking or making comments about the video ending. At the time of this video I literally just got this camera and did not full know how it worked. It was setup for 5 minute loops and motion activation only. Once we stopped there was no longer enough motion when it began recording for the next 5 minutes. The second video wasn’t very long and only recorded the sound of the woman beating on my window and recorded the midget male passenger exiting the vehicle. Once the police arrived (roughly 15 minutes later) they had me back my vehicle up and away from her Jeep and park in the house over facing away. They then boxed her vehicle in and begs conducting the sobriety test. She was placed in the back of the police car in cuffs and the officers said they no longer needed me and I left*** The camera view is from the passenger side of my truck you'll see my suburban looks like it crosses the white line a few times but with the height of my suburban its just an illusion. You can tell its an illusion later on if you compare the curbs on the road when the truck looks like its over the curbs. Just FYI its already a narrow section of road. Anyways I'm driving down this narrow part of Hulen street in Fort Worth TX at grandpa speeds and out of nowhere a Blue Jeep broadsides my suburban. I wasn't sure if she was going to stop at first by how she then changes lanes to pull off and in the process cuts off and almost causes another accident. Once stopped I get out to check the damages and she walks up asking if she hit me and where's the damages. After some brief small talk I ask for her insurance to which she quickly replies she does not have any so I tell her "ok just wait right there" and get on my phone to call 911. She asks who I'm calling and after I tell her she says ok and gets into her car and speeds away. I get back in my truck and follow her while staying on the phone with dispatch. Yes I followed and sped but in the end I stopped and helped get a drunk driver off the road without any physical altercation and keeping a cool level head while keeping the dispatcher updated on the situation for responding officers who eventually showed up to arrest her for driving without a license, driving without insurance, driving under the influence with a minor in the vehicle (that's a felony in the state of Texas). She also a had 19 month old in the back seat and male midget passenger in the front seat who was supposedly babysitting the 19 month old (he was the male occupant). Once I boxed them in the driver and the midget started making up a story right in front of my truck while waiting on the police. Once the police arrived she began telling the made up story of how I hit her and was chasing her and how scared she was till I pulled my dashcam and showed the officers.