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Hakka "Tulou" In Yongding China Part 1 of 2 von lamdawave   6 years ago


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Tulou - the mansion made of mud, is a "castle" built by the "Hakka" people who migrated from the north western part of China about 1,500 years ago. They pretty much preserve their dialect, live style and custom. They are the "gypsies" of China, and were viewed as intruders by the local people. Hence they had to build a round-shaped castle like this, to make their home defensible. Since life was harsh they were very hard-working people. Even the women take part in laborious menial work. In South East Asia, there used to be many "sam-sui" Hakka women, easily identified by the red cloth hoods they wore, who worked at construction sites. Some clans even had men staying at home doing all the house chores and looking after the children, while their wives went out to work.