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SHOCKING FILIPINO BIRTHDAY FOOD | Pinikpikan in Sagada, Philippines von Fearless & Far   6 months ago


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This isn't your ordinary Philippines travel vlog. I continue my trip north of Manila in the Cordillera region of Luzon. Here I meet an Ifugao Igorot family in Sagada, and get invited to try sever tradition dishes, typical for celebrations in this area of the Philippines. Dinuguan, Etag, Pinikpikan, and more. As a foreigner in the Philippines, and a travel vlogger that will eat just about any pinoy street food... This some some of the most shocking filipino food I have come across in the country.

This episode of my travel Philippines series takes place after meeting Lakay Wa-Ow, a village elder in Sagada. We arrived at his house to ask permission to visit the hanging coffins of his ancestors who have been places on the cliff faces, long, long ago. He granted us permission, and showed us his collection of smoked pork, called Etag. This putrefying smoked pork is covered in mold and insects, and used in ceremonies in the area.

The next day I arrived at my guides house where I watched him prepare other traditional foods like Pinikpikan. This is a controversial chicken dish where the chicken is beaten before being killed. Its said the noises it makes attracts the spirits to notice the ceremony, and also brings more tenderness to the meat. It wasn't something for the squeamish, and this was all at a filipino birthday party!

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Come check out the deleted scenes, and fight your fears here:


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