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What do you have to do when you are in a situation and you are being attacked by an animal?

Lion attack 1:07
Therefore, a lion, while still dangerous, will rarely ever actually attack a human. Instead it will charge at you once or twice in what are known as 'mock charges'. These are meant to test your nerve; if you run, it will signal to the lion that you are weak and would make a good snack. Your best bet is to maintain eye contact with the charging lion and never break it, slowly backing away and responding to the mock charges by spreading your arms and shouting, making yourself appear bigger and signaling that you are not afraid and ready for a fight. More than likely, the lion will break off the attack and try to find something easier to munch on.

Leopard attack 2:15
If you accidentally stumble across a leopard as it is feeding or is with its cubs you can expect the leopard to attack. In the event of a leopard attack, don't run or back away, instead hold your ground and make as much noise as possible, clapping your hands and shouting. More often than not, the leopard will decide you aren't worth the risk and will leave you alone.

Elephant attack 2:44
Don't try to climb up a tree as elephants are very powerful and will tear most trees down, though sometimes hiding inside a hollow one or hiding behind it may be enough to discourage the elephant. As an absolute last option, play dead while protecting your head with a bag or other item, the elephant might lose interest, hopefully without stomping on you first.

Wild dog attack 4:19
Dogs are man's best friend, except when they are wild or feral. Feral packs of dogs can be extremely dangerous, and can be found in a surprising variety of places, from the streets of Mumbai in India to Dallas, Texas. If faced with a pack, look for the smaller or less aggressive members to start fanning out around you while the alphas face you head-on. This signals that the pack is getting ready to attack as they will try to hit you from multiple angles at once. Your best bet at this point is to climb something tall, like an electrical box or the roof of a car. If you can't get away though, curl up into a ball and make your hands into fists to protect your fingers, then cover your face and neck with your arms. Not very likely to kill, the dogs will quickly lose interest and move away.

Great White Shark Attack 5:15
asily the most feared animal in the world, yet the least likely to ever attack you. Once known as man-eaters, it is now known that sharks actually dislike humans as prey, and often attack only due to cases of mistaken identity; a thrashing swimmer or surfer on a board can often look like a seal from below the water. If you find yourself face to face with an attacking shark though, your best bet is to not thrash around, as you'll mimic injured and vulnerable prey. Instead, make your way to shore calmly and slowly, keeping eye contact with the shark at all times.

African Cape Buffalo Attack 0:20
Lion attack 1:07
Leopard attack 2:15
Elephant attack 2:44
Hippopotamus attack (hippo attack) 3:39
Wild dog attack 4:19
Great White Shark Attack 5:15
Crocodile attack 6:27
Bear attack 7:17

-if you are attacked by African cape buffalo, your best bet is to climb on a nearest tree.
-When it comes to lion attack, do not run, make eye contact and slowly back away.
-If there is a leopard attack, make sure you stand your ground and make s much noise as possible
- In case of an elephant attack, play dead while covering your head
- If there is a Hippo attack, run.
-If you are attacked by wild dogs, make sure you jump on top of a car!
-In case of great white shark attack, stay calm and slowly swim to the shore.
-If there is a crocodile attack, go for it's eyes.
-With a bear attack, stay calm and slowly walk away, but if an attack does come immediately, roll up into a ball with your stomach towards the earth and your hands protecting your neck.

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