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EXPLORE ASIA-Sri Lanka[[VIDEO BABA PRODUCTIONS]] von Video Baba Productions   1 year ago


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"EXPLORE ASIA" is a new series on our channel which is combinedly produced by Tune & Tracks Production & Video Baba, Here we will be showing some beautiful places around Asia,caught on our very own cameras.
We will be coming up with lot of exciting places to visit and explore in Cheap Budget.This series is a reflection of our boundless desires to keep exploring around the world and also showing some of our skills.If you enjoy the video make sure to subscribe our channel for more.Do Like & Share the Video to your friends and show your support
By the way don't worry, #we_didnt_stop_making_parodies..Some amazing stuffs are on their way ;)

Explore Asia- Srilanka
Director & Dop : Faiyaz Al Zami
Producer: Tahsin ahmed
Executive producer: Wali hasan