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Road Rage Because of Waiting for Red Light 4-27-16 von Bad Drivers of West Monroe Louisiana   3 years ago


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***UPDATE - Below is the link to the news article. ***

This is a video from my girlfriend's dash cam that she encountered today. She pulled up to the red light after the white truck make a right on red with no intention to make a right turn on red due to prior knowledge of the intersection and knowing that the opposite turning lane was about to get a designated green turn arrow, invalidating the right on red. The lady behind her honks for her not going and further made the wait longer by making my girlfriend have to search for why there was honking(when she was legally maintaining in the intersection and to make sure it wasn't a notification of other hazards(which was about the time the other traffic got a green anyway)). Sitting at a red light is not illegal and cannot be presumed as "inciting" the other woman or anything of the sort, so by the woman getting upset - she was getting upset about legal actions.
They then make it to the next intersection and the woman then illegally gets out of her car to explain how to drive and when to worry about breeding. This is all done while my 9 month old daughter is in the back seat - hence the reason for bringing up "breeding". If only Mrs. Patricia knew how many people have seen her, how many people love her titties(LOL!), and how much of a TOTAL dumb ass she looks to THOUSANDS of people on numerous outlets all because of her illegal actions due to getting mad over legal ones.

**Update(4/28/16) - Went to the Louisiana State Police Office this morning and talked with them about the issue. Really wanted to get their perspective to see how situations like this should be handled. Of course the answer was to "get out of there" -_-. I did decide to give the video to the police, along with our info, and they are going to attempt to contact and speak with the owner. This woman has all kinds of people pissed in WM with the way she acted. Lol.**

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