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US Marshals break into wrong house forcing mother & children out naked von PoliceCrime   4 years ago


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You can see them reloading. Police spray man with an estimated 200 or more bullets while he sits in his pickup. At 43 seconds into the video you can hear a ricocheting bullet whiz by. To watch click on the following link. The link will take you to an article which contains the link to the actual video as well as other related links. Thank you. Please feel free to download and share.

WASHINGTON - A D.C. mother is outraged after U.S. Marshals mistakenly raided her Southeast apartment while she and her two children were sleeping.

Hannah Lanes and her kids were woken up by knocking at their front door around 6:30 Thursday morning.

"My daughter went to the peep hole. They had the finger over the peep hole, so we couldn't identify who they were," Lanes said. "They just knocked down the door. We didn't have on any clothes. I was completely naked. My daughter didn't have on any clothes. They started screaming, telling everybody to get out of the house."

Authorities used a crowbar to break a lock and about eight U.S. Marshals burst into the apartment.

"They dragged me and my daughter out of the house. All I could grab was a sheet and wrap it around myself. And when they pulled us out I was like, 'What's going on? My son is in there,'" she said.

Lanes, a 32-year-old nursing assistant, begged them not to hurt her son.

"Then my little boy, my 4-year-old, came walking out and they screamed at me to call him to us and I was like, 'Please don't shoot my son,'" Lanes said.

Finally, the lead agent realized something went wrong.

"The lady goes, 'Isn't this apartment 203?' And me and my daughter was like, 'No!' So then she goes, 'Oh, we have the wrong house,'" the mother said.

Lanes and her children live in apartment 201, which is clearly marked on the door. The U.S. Marshals were looking for the person in apartment 203, who they later arrested.

"So we're standing on the balcony, outside with no clothes on, shaking, crying, scared. Guns have been pointed at us from the time we wake up and they have the wrong house," Lanes said.