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K9 Police Dogs - Attack And CALL BACK Training On Miami Beach von Mach1Airspace   4 years ago


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The CALL BACK (CB) is an exercise in police K9 work that is required by some certification programs (i.e. USPCA - United States Police Canine Association) and certainly an exercise that has uses on the street. Many departments have a "Find and Bite" K9 policy vs. a "Find and Bark." These departments require their dogs be able to do a CALL BACK after being sent to apprehend a suspect. This training works towards the eventual goal of achieving complete control over their police dogs.

In effect the CB involves the ability of the handler to recall his dog after it has been deployed on a suspect. In the purest sense, the CB is done before the dog actually engages (bites) the suspect, but in reality it also is used after the bite.

A dog must have learned certain skills before this exercise is implemented. In this video from Miami Beach there are two dogs at slightly different stages in their training. The 2nd dog, 'Rocky' has completely mastered the CALL BACK command and doesn't need the restraining tether whereas the first dog isn't quite there yet but is definitely beginning to get the idea.