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Building Price Comparison von Reigarw Comparisons   2 years ago


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How much would the Eiffel Tower cost? Is it more than a mansion in Beverly Hills? We take you on a comparison of some of the most expensive and iconic buildings, structures and property from around the world. Includes most expensive house, most expensive mansion, most expensive penthouse, most expensive stadium, most expensive resort, most expensive skyscraper, most expensive castle, most expensive hospital and more. As well as the sizes of stacks of $100 bills to show how much $100 you need to buy the building.

Prices here typically refers to total cost to build - Except for the mansions, which are cost to purchase the land.
Buildings before 1900 are estimated based on how much would it cost to build in today's money
Buildings built before 1988 (30 years ago) are inflation adjusted.


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