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Grooming Series: Bedtime Brushout von WinnieTheTzuTube   8 years ago


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Brushing out Winnie's hair before bedtime has become a daily ritual in the past year or so for us. I find that it makes her longer morning grooming sessions much more manageable. Her bedtime brush out is much less involved and including tooth brushing time only takes 10 minutes or less. I find that brushing her teeth like this on a daily basis helps keep her breathe smelling good and wards off plaque build-up, which is just as important for dogs as it is for humans.

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*DISCLAIMER: I am NOT a professional dog groomer or an expert of any kind on grooming, Shih Tzus, or dogs in general. This grooming series is a way to share my own personal experience with grooming and what I have learned over the past two years with you. What works for me and my dog may not work for you and yours.*