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10th GALL BOYS AUSTRALIAN 4X4 OFFROAD ADVENTURE von GallBoys   3 years ago


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After a bit of a break from the cameras, things fell into place for getting away to test some new product on an adventure from Fraser Island, through central Queensland, back out on the northern coast to visit some private stations on the tropical coast and back across on a track we've had a long history with getting through....the Old Maytown Track, all in Australia's mid-summer heat! This is by far our most testing of trips and here's a bit of a highlight we hope you enjoy!

Have appreciated the amount of interest & following over the years very much! So Thank You Very Much for watching! At the end of the day, we put the gear through these conditions to both test and develop for manufacturing better caravans & also for testing the vehicles, accessories & tyres!

Have donated 100% of licence fees paid from production companies when airing clips on TV networks here & in the USA to support various charities, so at the end of the day it helps the community as a whole!

Thanks again, and safe travels!

The new DVD will be set for release end of May / early June!

MUSIC by Matty & Lauren James - http://mattjames.com.au