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Psychological WET PAINT PRANK - Social Experiment von Rich Ferguson   6 years ago


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Social experiment, joke and prank with Wet Paint sign! PLEASE SHARE and like this psychological prank! Subscribe: Thank you!
This wet paint prank trick is a real study on human behavior. What's interesting is how fast or slow people connect the dots. The other aspect that's funny to watch is the fact that people can not actually see behind themselves - but keep trying. The prank is truly sealed when people walking by "confirm" that paint is on Rich -meanwhile the victim(s) does not know they mean paint on Rich. The victim(s) simply hear, "Oh! You got paint on you...." We love simple tricks that truly happen in the mind of the spectator.

Due to endless profanities, subtleties of reactions and loud road noise, we opted to make this a simple reaction video to music. There is nothing to hear reaction wise. It's all about the moment when the victim "figures it out." Often, they say nothing whatsoever. It's the reaction and suggestion that is key;) Obviously, Rich simply sits and applies the sign. The rest is in their minds. In some instances, Rich says nothing and simply walks away. In other cases, paserbyers point out the sign. In most, Rich "notices" the "wet paint" and subtly suggests it to others. In all cases, people thought their days was ruined! In all cases, we made their day once it was revealed;) Many people in the distance or that walked by never knew it was a prank!

This is a perfect example of a trick happening in their own mind. There's no need for violence, destruction of people's property or injury to create a good prank!

Music provided by Stewart & Scarfe. The background song is called "Landlocked." Thanks to Rachel from Rocket Fizz in San Luis Obispo for helping to film and set people up.

This was filmed in beautiful San Luis Obispo. Not sure where that is ? Check out this clip to see what it's all about: (Created by and voice over by Rich Ferguson himself)

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