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Strength & Conditioning Circuit Workout Lower Body Emphasis von MoveStrong   7 months ago


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Utilizing the MoveStrong DSL Bar, a patent designed Functional Training trap bar, along with the DynaBell, a patented Functional Training Dumbbell, for a combination of posterior chain exercises emphasizing hips, glutes, and hamstrings.

Start off with split leg deadlifts with rear foot straight. Allows lead leg and hip to do the strength work while lengthening the rear leg and hip flexor. Coupled with more swings to overhead. Also a DynaBell swing variation shown with an added squat-to-press.

Last shown are some Semi-stiff leg deadlifts and more swings-to-overhead with the 50lb DynaBell

The MoveStrong DSL Bar is ideal for those split stance deadlift variations and single leg exercises while stabilizing weight more easily at sides. The multi-grip positions on the DynaBell allows for more one and two handed functional fitness strength movements.

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