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"If he could've chosen a way to die, it'd have been protecting you.
He loved me --

Don't even touch me! I knew there was a chance that Jorah would not make it into the finale but a part of me was still hoping that he would have because all he wanted was to see Dany on the Iron Throne and now he's not gonna get a chance. I know that if he were to die, this was what he would have chosen, but that doesn't make it any easier. And now, Dany is lost. She lost the Dothraki, half of the Unsullied, Rheagal, Missandai and he is not there to help her. To be her corner stone. Her voice of reason. Her support. You can fight with me all you want but if he were still alive, what happened in ep 4 wouldn't have.

If you really wanna see my actual reaction to ep 4:

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