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Ao Nang Krabi Thailand. 4 Islands tour by Longtail boat. #Thailand von GEOFF CARTER   4 years ago


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Thailand vlogger Geoff Carter heads out to sea on a Longtail boat on the 4 Islands tour from Ao Nang in Krabi Thailand. The 4 islands tour leaves at 8 am and return at 4pm. snorkling, swimming, sunbathing, walking, kayaking, A great way to spend the day exploring the islands. at the time of filming it costs 2,200 Baht for the day and includes up to six people. You have to provide your own food and drinks. Also there is a 200 baht charge for the boat to park on the islands beaches (includes all 4) It a National Trust charge for the day.
if you would like to go on this trip with the same man.
his name is BO, is boat is 113 and his number is : 0878846356
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