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Increase your IQ with these hard questions and fun riddles! If your goal is to increase your IQ level and improve your intelligence then solving puzzles is the best way to achieve it ;) These tricky riddles with answers will exercise your brain and give you a boost of energy. So, if you are ready to start, push the "Play" button!

00:14 - Who is more stupid?🤔 Test your logic and general knowledge with these quiz questions that will make you boost your brain ;)
01:22 - A tricky riddle with an answer to make you think outside the box and teach you some incredible trick you can play on your friends! This is a fun bet you can always win because no one will be able to think so creatively as to crack your trick. But first, make sure you've understood the logic of this riddle! To do this, you need to turn on your logical thinking and use 100% of your imagination! Let me know if you managed to crack the trick before the time is over!
02:37 - A set of funny situations to test your logic and improve your IQ level! Both these people act foolish, but only a genius can say who's in more danger. Challenge your brain and try to solve these cool picture puzzles with answers!
04:04 - A funny riddle and a short story you will never predict the final of! Only geniuses who see this world from a totally different point of view will be able to figure out what the answer will be (it's only 3% of people and if you are among them, then let me shake your hand!). One small hint: don't exclude even the craziest ideas and then you might guess! An impossibly hard riddle with answer to make you think outside the box and cheer you up after a long working day!
05:01 - Tricky text riddles with answers to challenge you and your friends! Test how quick-minded and ingenious you are and try to crack these brain teasers in time. Even if you fail to meet the 'deadline', just pause the video and take your time, there's nothing wrong with that🤓I must say that the most important thing is common sense, so try to not overthink the questions. Let me know how many of them you got right!
06:36 - This short but tricky task will help you understand if you have a real talent for being a spy or a special agent. This logic riddle is a challenge for your brain that will definitely boost your logic and increase your brain power!
08:02 - A cool color puzzle or even a visual test to check how sharp your vision is. It's not about just distinguishing different colors, but about the ability to find a difference between the slightest shades and nuances. Only a small percentage of people is able to see this difference and if you are among them, you're unique (well, each of us is unique in their own way but still). Even if it seems impossible to see the word the first time, concentrate and try to see the colors separately. How many tasks have you got right?
10:38 - Who's going to die first? Find the most stupid one in these fun picture puzzles for kids and adults! What would you never do in your life?
11:44 - Who is more stupid? A short quiz to test your logical skills! Share your opinion in the comments below!

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS which riddle was the hardest for you to solve!

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