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Running the Tough Mudder / BEAR GRYLLS / Seattle von BeauCh   7 years ago


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[UPDATE] I made the official (!!!) '13 Seattle Tough Mudder video: Filmed entirely from a unique, POV perspective.
This video: Surprised we finished in the top 5%, nation-wide! And yes that's THE Bear Grylls! Here's our Warrior Dash race: / For the Tough Mudder, we ran on Sat, 1st wave (8am). It's 11-12 miles + ~28 obstacles, including getting shocked & fully submerged in ice baths.
I was surprised at the archaic nature of the electrified wires... they just had two car batteries hooked up to dangling tentacles that you had to run through.

What I wore if you're curious... It worked quite well, so I drew up a sketch for fellow Tough Mudders:

Awesome music here (free download too!): / Attribution 3.0 Unported (CC BY 3.0)