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6 Animal Trainers who Died on the Job von World 5 List   1 year ago


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The animals in this video all attacked their own trainers and caretakers. Steve Irwin is the only one who got attacked by an animal that wasn't his own but of course he still made the list!

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Animal training is a dangerous vocation. It involves getting face to face with death every day. It takes a special kind of person to willingly get into a cage with a creature that has enough strength to crush your skull, and then eat it.

Number 6. Stacy Konwiser

April 15, 2016, Palm Beach Zoo, Florida: 38-year old Stacey Konwiser was killed when she entered the tiger's habitat by herself, going into the area where they ate and slept. After she hadn't come back out for several minutes, her fellow co-workers became concerned, going into to check on her. What they found inside was Stacey's bloody corpse.. having been killed by a 13-year-old Malayan tiger by the name of Hati.

Number 5. Unidentified Swedish Wolf Trainer

Unfortunately, this entry's name has not been disclosed, so we'll refer to her as "The Trainer" from here on in.
Wolves are very social animals, living in packs. They hunt together, eat together, and die together. But it's not sunshine and rainbows. Fights break out often over leadership dominance or mating rights, but very rarely does it lead to a wolf killing one of it's own pack. Which kind of points to The Trainer not being considered a member of the pack.

Number 4. Dawn Brancheau

SeaWorld has been a pretty hot button issue recently, with animal rights activists going over it's policies and animal care with a fine tooth comb, uncovering some seriously messed-up activity, especially when it comes to the more aquatic exhibits and attractions.. . Apparent mistreatment of animals and several trainer deaths have seriously marred the parks reputation and placed unwanted attention on the organization.

Number 3. Benjamin Cloutier

The case of Benjamin Cloutier is the first death on this list to end with a lawsuit against the animal's owners. Ronald and Adelle Cloutier, Benjamins parents, are suing the owner of Animals of Montana Inc. According to the couple, Troy Hyde didn't take the necessary measures needed to protect their son from a vicious Bear attack that resulted in his death.

Number 2. Ali Khan Samsudin

The entries on this list have one thing in common: They were a string of freak accidents resulting in the death of a usually safe and well taught trainer. But that’s not the case with Ali Khan Samsudin.
Samsudin, by all accounts should have been dead long before he met the end of his days at the powerful jaws of a snake….

Number 1. Steve Irwin

We couldn’t get through a a list like this without including easily the most recognizable name on the list of those who have been killed by their animals. Steve Irwin was a Australian icon, role-model, and wild life conservationist. And exploded into fame with the airing of his television show "The Crocodile Hunter" in which he infused his animated personality along with wildlife education, often placing himself in harms way to do so.
Steve was an instant success, with his broad Australian accent, signature style, and his enthusiastic and caring presentation skill.