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Running my fastest mile - Project 5 von Sam Wade   1 year ago


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I'm back! Another running video! This one is by far the biggest/hardest project I've worked on to date.
Kieran and I were interested to see how fast I, a casual Sunday morning runner, could run a mile. We then thought it would be a cool idea to see if we he could coach me to run a sub 5 minute mile. I set myself the target to do it inside 10 weeks, and even though I didn't get to train as much as I wanted, it was still an awesome, fun and challenging project. The final mile was done with Kieran as a pacemaker in the horrible weather because it was genuinely the only day we were all available to do it. The rain wasn't just for dramatic effect!

Some calculations for you:
5 minute mile = 3:07 kilometre
4:57 mile = 3:05 kilometre
5 minute mile = 2:11:11 Marathon
5 minute mile = 12mph or 19.30kph

HUGE shoutout to Kieran Clements for making this all possible, check his stuff out here:


The special thanks in this video go out to those named for help with travel, filming, logistics and simply being great humans. Special shoutout to Tash, thanks for helping in Paris, sorry the footage didn't make the cut!

Klint - Diamond
JME - Work
Koan Sound - Trouble in the west

Video shot with Nikon 5600, 24-70mm 2.8, 50mm 1.8, 16-85mm RX100 M3, GoPro Hero4 Black, iPhone(s) 6, 7 and audio support from RODE video micro. Edited with Adobe Premiere Pro .