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Brave little elephant vs Buffalo von Khimbini Wildlife Videos   4 years ago


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We were watching elephant cow perfoming all the tricks for us when the young elephant decided to take the centre stage and show us how brave he was challeging a huge buffalo bull. The Young calf was among a herd of elephants refreshing themselves at the Inyati game lodge in the Greater National Park, South Africa when the mature buffalo walked towards the water to join them. While the adult elephants seemingly paid little attention to their new drinking partner, the calf was clearly put out by his presence or he was showing off. He started charging towards him in the brave manner to scare the massive buffalo into leaving the area. To our surprise his idea worked her was able to scare off the buffalo, that is when the little elephant felt like a hero as he chased the around the sand river.The whole incident, which took place in May this year, was caught on Video by Local Wildlife Guide, Khimbini Hlongwane