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ARPO The Robot For All Kids - hungry Crocodile | | 어린이를위한 만화 von ARPO The Robot   10 months ago


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Water Woes
Broken water tab floods the Dilovely house! And a crocodile from sewer crawled up into the house. The crocodile is now threatening Joey, Emma and Daniel. Arpo! Save the children from the crocodile!

Remote Remote control
Bob brought home a Master Remote Control and it can control every appliance at home! And plus Arpo. Arpo is controlled by the Master remote and end up in a junk yard. Bob and Debbie need to save Arpo from the junk yard!

A cute, innocent looking Alien is a new addition to Dilovelys. But he is little suspicious… the Alien’s true intention is to kidnap Daniel. Arpo has to save Daniel from Alien abduction.

Baby Bob
An electric shock broke Arpo’s visual system. Now Arpo cannot see anything and he thinks Bob is Baby Daniel. Arpo feeds Bob and put him to bed, and Bob is mad at Arpo.


ARPO isn't some top secret government's project, he is a harmless housekeeper; one who unfortunately finds himself working for the wackiest family known to mankind. His job is to look after the impossibly absent-minded adults, clean up after the meddling nine-year-old boy and most of all, survive BABY DANIEL - a little trouble magnet.