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I am a North Korean Defector, Would You Hug me? [Social Experiment In South Korea 🇰🇷] von Junstory   3 years ago


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(KOR-ENG) Hello, my name is Jun. I was born in North Korea and I tried to escape North Korea Two times in 2005 and 2008. When I escaped North Korea in 2005, i was arrested by Chinese police in Beijing and sent back to North Korea. i had to be in Sinuiju prison several months. After 3 years in 2008, I tried to escape again and I could arrive in Shanghai China. i had been in Shanghai about 2 years. In 2011, finally I could arrive in South Korea. Now i am studying Political Science in Seoul National University.
There are two reasons why i stood in front of people. First, as one of the South Korean member of Congress has said that all of the Defector is traitor. I think that the views of North Korean Defectors in South Korean society can not be seen as positive. The Second reason is that there have been many incidents of manipulating North Korean Defectors as spies so far, and even though these cases have been consequently found innocent, these cases already had a negative impact on people thinking of North Korean Defectors. Some of the South Korean people said like "oh i am not thinking of North Korean Defector negatively" on my Facebook and YT channel. But there are different people and ideas, so even a person think of me positively, one man's thoughts do not represent all. the fact is there are too high barriers of mind between South Korean and North Korean Defectors.#JUNHEO#JUNHEO#northkorean#northkroeandefector
i read quetions that some of the subscribers left about NK and me and i am going to answer about these quetions through Q&A video as soon as possible. Also i will continue to upload video with various subjects(North Korea, North Koreans life, thinking, experience other countries culture) So please subscribe this channel and follow my Facebook if you are interested. also you leave any questions on youtube or facebook, i am going to answer for you every of them.
I am a student at Seoul National university as a North Korean Defector and I really want to Keep sharing my stories and other North Korean defectors stories internationally. Also I want to write a book of my life in North Korea. Could you PLEASE help me to continue my journey as a spokesperson? Thank you so much for your great support!!
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