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REBECCA ZAMOLO Missing after RZ Twin Finds GAME MASTER Top Secret Laboratory! (24 hour Event Date) von Rebecca Zamolo   8 months ago


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Rebecca and Daniel are missing overnight after making the lie detector mixture for the event!
▶ Last Game Master secret hidden riddle to solve:
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Rebecca spent 24 hours inside a tiny hidden room at a secret safe house and the game master spy was found at 3am overnight. Matt and Rebecca decided they needed more ninja training to prepare for the event and did a Game Master Escape room challenge where they solved clues and riddles. In today’s video, the husband vs wife go on a chase with a quadrant spy before arriving at the GM’s top secret laboratory. Once inside, we needed to recreate the lie detector mixture we broke at our house when we tried to drop it from 45 feet. Daniel our cameraman keeps reminding us that we need to defeat the quadrant and stop the event on February 23rd, which is now less than 24hrs away! With your help, we were able to finally unlock the lockbox and do an unboxing of a mysterious button inside. We also found mystery spy gadgets to help us in the battle royale. After unlocking all the ingredients, Daniel received a message from the GM that the RZ twin was approaching. Rebecca and Daniel decided to start spying in the car while Matt finished creating the mixture. RZ twin had been hiding inside the car and surprised them when they turned around. Do you think she’s taking them to the Quadrant ninjas for the event? Thank you for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos for kids in 2019!

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