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U-HAUL HIGH SPEED CHASE ENDS IN SUICIDE von Misty Hosier   9 months ago


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CAJON PASS, Calif. (KABC) -- A multi-county police chase ended when an armed suspect accused of stealing handguns shot himself inside a U-Haul pickup truck after two of his tires blew out on an Inland Empire freeway.

The chase started in the city of Orange in Orange County and continued through various freeways into the Inland Empire, through Riverside and into San Bernardino County.

It was unclear how the chase started.

ABC7 car specialist Dave Kunz said the vehicle appeared to be a GMC Sierra pickup truck.

The suspect traveled at speeds as high as 90 mph and weaved in and out of traffic in an effort to evade police.

At one point, the suspect hit some traffic as he continued heading in the direction of the Cajon Pass. During that slowdown, the suspect erratically moved through traffic and headed into the emergency lane, flying past slower vehicles.

The front tires burst after possibly hitting a spike strip and slowed the vehicle down. The suspect struggled to handle the vehicle when the tires burst, but continued driving on the rim of the tire.

The vehicle stopped along a dirt path, where another person was pulled over. Authorities quickly arrived and were able to protect the other vehicle and get the driver to safety away from the suspect.

At some point, shots were fired and it appeared the suspect in the pickup truck may have tried to take his own life.

The driver appeared to be slumped over in the vehicle as authorities approached the driver's side with K-9s.