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The Death of Glider Kits in Trucking von Smart Trucking   2 years ago


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As of 2018, glider kit trucks which are massed produced, or produced by a dealership in quantity, will be coming to an end.
The government in the US and Canada are both clamping down on this practice, as it seems they have found a loop hole in the emissions standards, which they will be putting an end to promptly.
Between 2018-2021, farmers, owner operators can make/have glider kits, but even this practice on a small scale will come to an end, as of 2021.
It's a sad thing now to know that the mechanical WORKING engines will be coming to an end, very, very soon.
It's also a bit scary to know that the new DEF engines are what fleets and owner operators will need to rely on. Hopefully the reliability of the newer trucks will improve SOON!!!


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