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क्या कोई 🇮🇳 2000 रुपये के लिए तिरंगा फाड़ सकता है ? Independence Day Social Prank Gorakhpur von Time Of Prank Tv   1 year ago


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Independence Day Social Experiment n Prank in India
Would you destroy the flag for money? What would you do for 5000 rupee ? We made this video for social awareness because every year flags are torn down by kids and being discarded and can be found laying on the ground which is a disrespect to our flag.
We respect our Country and the National flag. We do not want to
show any ways of disrespecting our national flag. We apologize if we offend anyone or anything.Our goal was to educate and inflict the sense of our proud nation into everyone's mind. We are proud to be an Indian.

Dosto is video ko banane ka Mera maqsad Kisi Ko these Pehchana Nahi Hai is Bas Yahi Jana Chahta Hoon Ki log Hamare tirange Se Kitna Pyar Karte Hain

Credits :

Sare Jahan Se Acha Instrumental

Creator : amit gupta and srk
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