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Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs In South Africa

The First And Highest Paying Jobs In South Africa, Is Software Engineering. Software Engineers Manage The Design, Development And Protection Of Software Packages. Though The Field In All Fairness Younger, It Has Quick End Up One Of The Country’s Maximum Critical Professions.

10. Chartered Accountant - R434,191 per year
9. Air Traffic Controller - R583,450 per year
8. Actuary - R598,055 per year
7. Management Consultant - R672,000 per year
6. Petroleum Engineers - R572, 600 per year
5. Specialist Doctors - R616,000 per year
4. IT Managers - R620,230 per year
3. Lawyers - R655,000 per year
2. Pilot - R695,800 per year
1. Software Engineers - R1.2 million per year

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