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10 Exercises With a Sledgehammer: Sledgehammer Fitness Training von Dalibor Petrinic   7 years ago


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I'm sure that sledgehammer is unknown to most fitness enthusiasts as a fitness tool. That comes as no surprise since until recently it was only used in training of boxers and MMA fighters. But since functional fitness is getting more and more popular, now it can be found in most gyms equipped with functional training equipment.
Sledgehammer is great not just for conditioning, but also for strengthening the arm(forearms especially) and core muscles. Although most people only use it for tire swings, sledgehammer can be used for a variety of other very effective exercises. It can also be used for warm ups, breaking a routine or as a great finisher at the end of a workout, the choice is yours.
In this video I demonstrate 10 exercises you can do with a sledgehammer. For more functional workouts and exercises please visit; http://petrinicsystem.com/.

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