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Battle Rope (Anaconda) Training Part II: Alternating Waves Variations von Training & Testing   5 years ago


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The use of large ropes, also known as battle ropes, anacondas or undulation training has become a popular cardiovascular training choice to enhance athletic performance. Rope training typically consists of creating waves with 9-15 m ropes, 3-5 cm in diameter, which looped around a fixed object. The rope is then vigorously undulated in a series of waves for a set interval, usually ranging from 10-30 seconds (Fountaine & Schmidt, 2013). Alternating waves variations including Low Position, Squats, Unilateral Squats, Countermovement Jumps, Split Squats, Side Steps, Forward/Backward Steps, Kneeling, Unstable Position Bilateral and Unilateral, Pezziball Sitting and Pezziball Kneeling.