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In early August 2016 a group of six set off from Big Heart Lake in the Cascades toward Azure Lake in North Cascades National Park. Azure Lake is a pristine, 89-acre body of water just under one mile east of McMillan Spire in a remote location in the park, well off of any maintained trails.

The group's plan took them on a route where they expected to not encounter other human beings for three days. Things were going well when their plans were suddenly interrupted by a fall. An 11-year-old member of their group had injured his knee on a sharp-edged granite boulder, slicing open a wound 1.5" across, 1/2" wide and 1/4" deep. The group tended to the injury and managed to stop the bleeding, but found that any walking would cause blood to gush through the bandages they had applied. Walking was out of the question.

Members of the group took turns carrying Joe, the 11-year-old, the roughly quarter-mile remaining to Azure Lake, where they set up camp. Using a Delorme InReach "SEND" ("Satellite Emergency Notification Device"), a member of the group communicated with search and rescue personnel, discussing options. The device works by pairing with a cell phone, which is used to send and receive text messages via satellite.

It was clear that carrying Joe out wasn't going to work, as they were miles from any road. Eventually, the group received word that an SAR EMT would be sent out to them the next morning to evaluate Joe in person.

That EMT began hiking out to the group at 2:30 AM, and reached their campsite about 7.5 hours later. On arrival, the EMT - Karl - sat down with Joe, evaluated him, confirmed that Joe would not be walking out, and began to plan.

Three options were on the table:

1. Carry him out — an operation that Karl estimated would take at least 75 people, twenty of whom had already started hiking out toward them in the event that became necessary.

2. Helicopter evacuation, with Joe being hoisted up to the Huey

3. The same helicopter ride, with the chopper landing.

The video can take it from here.

Joe was transported to an area hospital where he received stitches for his knee injury.


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