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Amazon River Cruise - Adventure Travel in Peru von Samuel and Audrey - Travel and Food Videos   2 years ago


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Join us for the travel adventure of a lifetime as we cruise down the Amazon river in Peru aboard the Delfin I luxury boat. This luxury amazon cruise featured spacious and comfortable rooms along with fine dining and gourmet Amazonian Peruvian cuisine.

By day we did boat tours to spot wildlife (including macaws, monkeys, sloths and pink dolphins), hike in the Amazon rainforest doing a canopy walk, fish for piranhas, kayak down the river and visit remote local villages.

We considered it adventure travel that we'll remember the rest of our lives and we highly recommend you experience this as well.

A special thanks to Rainforest Cruises for hosting our stay:

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Amazon River Cruise: Adventure Travel in Peru Video Transcript:

Hello from the shores of the Amazon river. This is a pretty cool place to be wouldn't you say? Yeah, this is a bucketlist item for us definitely. So we are currently cruising down the Amazon with Rainforest Cruises. We're going to be spending four days and three nights aboard the Delfin number one. Yeah, and it is a very luxurious boat. We're doing this in style. It is awesome. We're going to give you a tour of the boat and we'd also like to show you some of the really cool excursions that we're going to be doing over these next three to four days. So come along. Let's go.

This feels like yet another episode of MTV cribs. But come on in. We are staying in the Anaconda suite. Pretty cool. No anaconda sighted so far. But basically this is our little terrace. We have a nice balcony with views of the Amazon river. And yeah we can just hang out here, have drinks, read a book, it is pretty cool.

Alright, and let's check out the inside of our room.

Our first afternoon aboard our Amazon Cruise was pretty relaxed and we got to witness one of the most spectacular sunsets ever.

The following morning called for an early start with everyone ready to board the skiff by 6:30 a.m. Our guide had lured us with the promise of wildlife and a delicious breakfast aboard the boat, and thankfully he delivered on both of those.

That morning we saw countless blue and yellow macaws, a school of pink dolphins playfully breaking through the water, and sloths slowly going about their day.

As for breakfast, the captain took us to a secluded lagoon covered in a blanket of water lettuce, where we parked the boat and enjoyed a three course breakfast featuring: fruit-kebabs, chicken and avocado salad, and hot sandwiches. It was the perfect way to start off our day on the Amazon.

So we are back in the jungle. This afternoon we are doing a jungle walking excursion. And we're also going to be doing a canopy walk across a series of suspension bridges. So we're just on the trail. We've got our rubber boots back on.

Meal times were another highlight of our cruise aboard the Delfin I. They had an international menu sure to satisfy every palate, but they also made sure to use Amazonian ingredients and feature Peruvian-inspired dishes at every meal. Every meal was a delight to our foodie taste buds.

So good morning. It is another beautiful day on the Amazon and we've just finished breakfast and we're now heading out on our first excursion of the day. We will be going piranha fishing and if you watched our previous video we already did that at the treehouse; however, I was very unsuccessful while Sam caught the biggest piraña yet.

So we officially ran out of bait for our piranha fishing so we kind of gave up on that activity. But right now we're trying kayaking down one of the smaller tributaries of the Amazon.

I'm the captain of this ship. And that is a scary thought. Cruising down the Amazon.

So we are about to reach the point where the Ucayali River and the Marañón River meet together to form the Amazon. So that moment calls for a toast.

So here is a toast to travels in the Amazon. Salut!

Yeah, so we're visiting this cool kind of little local village. It is called Sanfrancisco. San Francisco. And it has only been around since 1974 so it is just over 40 years old.

So what are you going to do Audrey? Apparently help squeeze sugarcane.

This is part of our Travel in Peru video series showcasing Peruvian food, Peruvian culture and Peruvian cuisine.

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