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Travelling To Sri Lanka von Tommy Reynolds   3 years ago


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Hey guys,

Here is my vlog of my journey to Sri-Lanka with the charity Take Heart Mercy Mission. A truly fantastic charity with two main goals:

1) performing intricate and complicated operations on children who would otherwise die from various heart conditions. By Funding visits for a dedicated group of surgeons, doctors and nurses from the Evelina London Children's Hospital.

2) to medical teams in Sri Lanka so that doctors and surgeons there can carry out similar operations throughout the year and therefore save many more lives in the future.

This vlog focuses more on my own personal and cultural journey to Sri Lanka but if you want to learn more about the charity and to see the official video I filmed and edited from previous years, please go to :)

Now I have 3 years worth of images from Sri-Lanka, I would really love to make a book or hold a special exhibition of some of my special images printed in a large format. Still deciding what to do..What o you think? if you want to see more pictures head over to my website at

My aim for this video was to educate and hopefully give you a little insight as to how I work remotely by having you sat on my shoulder the whole time :) If you like this, please LIKE & SHARE!!




Gear used:
Canon 5D III
24-105mm f/4
16-35mm f/2.8
GoPro Hero 4 Silver (chest mount, Suction Cup, stick for over the shoulder shots)
Sony RX100 IV
Rode Video Mic Pro

Westcott RapidBox

YongNuo Flash

Hanel Combi Wireless Flash Triggers

Shoulder Rig

Camera Bag

Music credit:
For The Better - Max Brodie