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Lexa (The 100, played by Alycia Debnam-Carey)
Robb Stark (Game of Thrones, played by Richard Madden)

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Lovely - Billie Eilish


Lexa, a daughter of Oberyn, was raised to hate the Lannisters for their part in Elia's death. Her father convinces Lexa to join forces with Robb Stark when he raises his banners against the Lannisters in rebellion.
Robb doesn't trust her at first since he knows she only cares about revenge, but he needs the extra soldiers. The two have many leadership differences, but Lexa quickly learns to appreciate Robb's less harsh approach.
However, after some time, they start developing trait from the other; Robb being more unforgiving and Lexa being more merciful.
After the death of Robb's father, they bond and realise both of them have reasons to take revenge on the Lannisters.
Robb loses his trust in Lexa when he hears rumours of her wanting to go home. He attempts to keep her guarded at all times, but as a commander herself, she refuses to even see nor talk to him, instead; sending messages through squires - saying has a duty to do and can't only act on personal feelings.
They finally see each other again when a group of the army is attacked, where they finally agree to work together again.
Robb had previously confessed his feelings to Lexa, who turned him down immediately, which is why he was so hurt when he thought she had betrayed him.
Even though they have reconciled there is still tension. Lexa still wants to go home but Robb can't think about anything but vengeance and the war.

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