इस घोड़े की कीमत है 1 करोड़ 11 लाख...इसके ठाठ देखकर अंबानी को भी आ जाता है पसीना - Best of Utube!!! Youtube Filme, Youtube Music, Dokus, kompletter Film oder ganzer Film. Hier finden Sie die besten Videos auf utube!!!!

इस घोड़े की कीमत है 1 करोड़ 11 लाख...इसके ठाठ देखकर अंबानी को भी आ जाता है पसीना von HJ NEWS   1 year ago


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इस घोड़े की कीमत है 1 करोड़ 11 लाख...इसके ठाठ देखकर अंबानी को भी आ जाता है पसीना...

Watch This Video :- https://youtu.be/fgEt31Y-5Cw

The horse of a Marwari breed, its name is Prabhat. You will be shocked to hear the price of this horse. It is worth Rs.1.11 million.
In fact, a local businessman of Pali bought it by paying 10.11 million rupees. It would be interesting to know that this horse price is more than the World Famous BMW car. Now, in your mind, the question has arisen, who has bought this horse at the very high price? Let's find answers to many questions related to this horse.
The name of the businessman who bought this prized horse is Narayan Singh Akkadavas. Narayan Singh is a resident of Pali based in Rajasthan. He bought this horse named Prabhat from Pani's Bhanwar Singh Rathod. These days, the horse and its so-called high price are a matter of great discussion. Let's say that such a high price for a horse of Marwari breed never before.
Not only this, for the horse, now the best two stables are being prepared. In fact Narayan Singh is a businessman of property and mining. He explains that he also has two horses of Marwari breed. Despite this, this horse is very special for them. They also told that since they heard about this horse, they were in the process of buying it since then. He informed that he is now also preparing two excellent stables for Prabhat. One of them will be covered to rest, and the other will be open for it to walk.

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