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In this episode of On Location, Coyote is getting the chance to meet face-to-face with the man he considers to be the “Godfather of Sting”, entomologist Justin Schmidt.

Justin has successfully been stung by more than 80 insects species, which in turn allowed him to create the world famous Insect Sting Pain Index. It is this very index that became Coyote’s roadmap for all of the painful stings he has endured over the past 2 years on the Brave Wilderness Channel.

In this exclusive interview Coyote and Justin will talk about their painful experiences in the world of stinging insects and will ultimately land at a very interesting crossroads. Is the infamous bullet ant really the most painful sting in the world? Or is it possible…that an even more potent sting is yet to be discovered…?

Get ready to learn about the Origins of Sting!

If you enjoyed this look into the Origin of Stings check out the documentary INSECTA featuring Coyote and Justin! - http://bit.ly/insectadoc

HUGE THANKS to Justin for being a part of this episode. To order his book The Sting of the Wild, which chronicles a detailed look into the world of insect stings, make sure to click on this link - http://bit.ly/stingofthewild

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