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To wake up your brain and increase your knowledge check out these tricky riddles with answers! If you can solve more than 12 out of 17 brain teasers, then, congratulations, your IQ is above average! Solving riddles for 20 minutes a day makes you smart and more attentive to the details! So be sure to check these brain games out and share your answers in the comments:

00:14 - A difficult riddle with a mind-blowing answer! Only the smartest #RiddleSolvers will find the answer right on time!
01:23 - Can you easily say who is not pregnant? Check out these visual puzzles to test your analytical skills and logic!
02:42 - Which profile is fake? Test your logic and attentiveness to the details with these visual puzzles!
03:52 - Ashley found out that Evan was cheating on her. Ashley decided to find his lover. Who is she?
05:07 - Who stole his money? A super tricky riddle with an answer that will blow your mind!
06:21 - Mrs. Smith found out that her husband was cheating on her with one of the staff. There are three girls working for them: the maid, the babysitter, and the gardener. Who is the lover?
07:49 - Where is the lover? Test your vision and attentiveness to the details with these short visual puzzles ;)
09:09 - A logic brain teaser to increase your IQ and boost your intelligence! Try to solve it before the time is up!
10:23 - Why is he lying? It's a logic riddle on crime to test your ability to think outside the box ;) Can you solve it before the time is up?
11:35 - A fun tricky riddle for kids and adults that will test your attentiveness to the details and logic! Let's see if you find the right answer before the time is up ;)
13:21 - Which teacher is his lover? A visual brain teaser to warm up your brain and boost your logic!

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS which of these tricky puzzles blew your mind!

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