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This Is The Greatest Bank Heist in Japanese History von Kento Bento   2 years ago


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Tokyo. December 10th, 1968. It was pouring rain.

The bank manager of the Nihon Trust bank was on edge. Someone had threatened his life and those around him over the past few months. Just four days prior, a letter (one of recent many) was sent to his personal residence demanding 300 million yen or his house would be blown up with dynamite. The letter was made up of characters cut out and pasted from movie magazines. Police were notified; and indeed they kept a close eye on the bank and his home; though, this did not ease the mind of the bank manager who shared his concerns with his branch employees.

Now of course, this is Japan, and work is work; the show must go on. With this in mind, the bank manager went on with his duties, sending four of his employees to the nearby Toshiba factory to make a scheduled drop.

So off they went, taking the company car, but not long after leaving the bank, the four heard police sirens approaching. (At that very moment they happened to be next to a prison of all places). A police officer screeched to a halt in front of the car, and frantically got off his motorcycle to warn them. ... (cont. in the vid)

In no particular order, here are some things the stories are about:
- Fake police officer
- Dynamite
- 1700 ATMs
- 7-Elevens
- Largest heist team ever
- Polite thank you note
- Cyanide
- Post-war Tokyo
- US occupation
- Dysentery outbreak
- Fake health inspector
- Department of Disease Prevention
- Business cards
- Death row
- Sadamichi Hirasawa
- Pornographic drawings
- Unit 731, a covert biological & chemical warfare research & development unit of the Imperial Japanese Army
- Cyber crime
- Virtual currency
- Coincheck company
- Biggest cryptocurrency heist in history
- Hackers
- "Hot wallet"
- Online security