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10 Santa Claus Sightings You've Never Seen! It's nearlly Christmas time & who comes at Christmas? Santa Claus! Here are 10 clips you've never seen of Santa that were caught on camera!

During the New York Christmas celebrations light show in 1998, some viewers caught something strange on their cameras. Taking little notice of it that evening and instead continuing with the joyful evening. Only 20 years later did they look at the tape again with their now older children. What they saw was astonishing, it’s not known whether this was something put on by the New York mayor’s office as a bi of a laugh or whether this really was THE Santa Claus.

Recorded in 2017, on Christmas eve, a mother was taking some time out to educate her kids on the galaxy and the stars that surround planet earth. At roughly quarter past seven in the evening, one of the kids spotted something in the sky. The next shot shows something very much Santa Claus looking fly through the evening sky.

A sporting gentleman from Mexico with a keen interest in skiing decided he was going to spend his Christmas in none other than the Swiss Alps. Scott, the person who captured the footage, decided to go out on Christmas day to take on a few black ski slopes. As he was filming his journey there, he captured something astonishing. We can’t tell if this really is real as there were a lot of people out that day and no one else captured it.

One early Christmas morning, 27-year-old Louise was on her way to start work at her local Seven-Eleven Store. Now having a dashcam in Russia is a very common thing due to a lot of Crash-For-Cash Scams. What is crash-4-cash you ask? Like this clip shows, it’s when someone jumps into a car to make it look like they were hurt to get insurance money.

One very early morning at around 4.45am, an Indian Structural Engineer was doing some work near to the top floor of the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world. The engineer claims his children wanted him to film some footage from the top to take home when he returns from work to show them. Tired, the man didn’t even realise what he had caught till returning home to India and watching it with his children, he had in fact caught Santa Claus on camera!

Now we really can’t verify if this clip is real or fake as it does look very convincing, although we didn’t know Santa Claus could go under water, but hey, anything’s possible right. The clip was sent to us by a lady who lives in California, although for some reason she wanted her identity to remain anonymous. Although we are not sure if this is real, it does seem more convincing when after we see all the other people looking in the same direction with amazement.

One day Jan Trautwein decided to go on a solo adventure into the Australian Outback for his Christmas Eve. As he stayed in the outback and enjoyed some alone time and the magnificent scenery, he decided to make a small travel film while he was on his adventure. Later when editing the footage in Premier Pro did he realise that while filming, he’d caught what looked like Santa Claus flying in the sky!

While driving to pick up his children from school, a man was filming the amount of graffiti that had showed up overnight along his street, so that he could report it to the local government. As he was filming, he suddenly caught something astonishing. Santa’s Slay & deer’s!

On a flight from Cebu to Manila in the Philippines, a travel blogger decided to she’d record her trip. During the flight she recorded a lot of out the window shots. At the end of her travels, she began to edit her video only to spot something strange. On upon closer inspection, this really did look like Santa Claus, or at the very least Santa Clauses reindeers.

As seen in the footage, a child in India comes rushing out of his bedroom as he spotted something in the far distance when waking up. The child grabs his mobile and runs out to see what it was. The next thing you know, he captures the man himself, Santa Claus on camera, expecting and in hope he will come out from the other side of the trees, he does! Although for some strange reason the child’s phone camera suddenly stopped working, even though he says he still had tons of battery left on his mobile, now that really is weird!
Although we don’t know the sources of these clips, here are 3 other honourable mentions of Santa being caught on camera that were sent in.

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