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Road Rage And Douchey Motorcycles, Cager throws Coffee! von Scooby   3 years ago


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1. Lanesplitting is legal in CA, don't waste my time telling me it's not.
2. I'm the cameraman, not the dude on the R6.
3. I wasn't in favor of getting the cops involved. WATCH the video. I merely follow the R6 and record everything that's happening. Coffee
didn't hit me, and I have better things to do than fight with Section 8 trash. I would've been more than OK with continuing on our merry way.
4. I Don't give a shit about the speed limit, or what happened at 2:47.
5. My buddy told me after the incident that he smelled like alcohol. I'm not implying that I thought that or that the cops missed something.
For fucks sake, it's just a subtitle. READ it and the context surrounding it.
6. Thank you for watching, I hope you have a good day.



Props to the Fresno Police department, and especially the motor division.

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