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Ring Rail - A Ghost Train Service In A New-Age Delhi von IndianExpressOnline   3 years ago


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On a chilly, breezy evening earlier this month, platform number 1 at the Safdarjung station in the heart of Lutyens Delhi looked forlorn and empty, save for a stray dog that howled and ran along. On another platform, stood the ‘Palace on Wheels’, a luxury train of the Indian Railways that does a 8 days/7 nights tourist circuit of Rajasthan. Railway officials wearing colourful turbans could be seen helping foreign tourists as they hobbled with wine glasses in their hands on their way into the train. - See more http://indianexpress.com/article/cities/delhi/ring-railway-in-an-ever-expanding-delhi-a-ghost-railway-service-lingers/#sthash.G736HVPf.dpuf