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This is one of Mexico's best kept secrets!
An abandoned church in the middle of a volcanic rock field. 60 years ago a whole town was destroyed by this volcano, and now just the church remains. A total adventure, and an explorer's dream. I teamed up with my urbex vlogging friends Exploring with Josh and Exploring with Cody to discover this amazing tourist attraction in Michoacan, Mexico. It was easily one of the most unbelievable locations I've visited in 2017. If you travel, it has to go on your bucket list.

La ciudad de San Juan and Volcan Paricutin have an amazing story.
In 1943 a crack opened up in a farmer's field, little did they know that a phenomenon brand new to science was about to be born. I'm no expert, but it's safe to say there have been hundreds of thousands of volcanos erupt while humans walked on two feet. This volcano however, was special. No volcano had ever been studied from birth to death. Every previous volcano had erupted some time in the past, formed a mountain, went dormant, then re-erupted. Volcán Parícutin attracted scientists from around the world.

Besides the fact that exploring this place was amazing... being able to climb onto the towers (a bit scary), and get into the basement Altar... We had it to ourselves for 4 hours. There was no admission fee, there were no tourists. At the end a school group came, but that was it. It really felt like a genuine experience. This place should be much more famous.

Not featured in this video was the town of Angahuan, the launching point to see the volcano and the church. There, they speak Purepecha, not spanish. Also, there are loud speakers that blast prayers during the day. A very unique experience in Mexico.

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