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The seldom-seen Serval is one of the lesser known cats of Africa. This agile spotted cat is in decline in most of its distribution area. Factors contributing to the decline include traditional uses such as hunting for body parts (medicinal use), meat and tribal clothing. Loss of habitat is also impacting on numbers, along with sports hunting.

This slenderly built cat stands 500 mm at the shoulders. The back, flanks and tail are covered with a golden brown coat, with black stripes down the spine and black spots on the flanks and tail. The serval has extraordinarily long legs for its body size which can be up to 3 feet in length, whilst standing up to 20 inches in shoulder height. The serval has a small but long head and large rounded ears marked with alternating black and white stripes on the rear. It has been observed that the serval uses these prominent stripe markings on its ears to communicate with others of its species.

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