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In this People are Awesome Best of the Month compilation features skateboarding, parkour, cycling, high dives and golf trick shots, gymnastics and acrobatics!

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0:00 - Calisthenics Escalator Superman
0:13 - Bike Pole Hook
0:23 - Dan Garb Concount Wheelie
0:38 - Guy Lifts Girls
0:56 - Playground Parkour
0:59 - Synchronised Tumble Routine
1:03 - One Foot Board Spin
1:07 - Balcony Flip
1:09 - Flip Over Car
1:11 - Bench Press Clap
1:15 - Extreme High Dive
1:20 - Parkour Gym Training
1:26 - Behind The Back Frisbee Shot
1:29 - Tennis Freestyler
1:36 - Handstand Slide to Hollowback
1:40 - Longboard G-Turn
1:44 - Sandboarding
1:50 - Golf Trick Shot
1:57 - Handbalancing in the Sun
2:06 - Longboarder Sparks
2:13 - Acrobatic Duo Practice
2:24 - Handstand Drop Trick
2:26 - Teeterboard Tricks
2:35 - Bar Flips
2:39 - Balcony Flip
2:42 - Lasso Skills
2:46 - Basketball Skills
2:53 - Double Decker Kickflip
2:57 - Silk Rope Spins
3:03- Flip Through a Hoop
3:09 - Parkour Gym Training
3:13 - High Backdive
3:16 - Lucky Flip

Title: Feint - We Won't Be Alone (feat. Laura Brehm)
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